Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Geneaologie of the Family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie, Part III

We return to the The Geneaologie of the Family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie. When we left, the Abernethys had just been involved in the Battle of the Cross:

Jacobia Youngest son of Hugh Lord de Abernethie Desputed McDuff Earl of Fife about a piece of land that origonely belong to the Abernethies. The got into high chafe which ended in a combate and Sir James kill’d McDuff. The Earl’s brother applyed to Baliol then King of Scotts – but he give sentence in favour of Abernethies and the lands that was in despute was restored to the Abernethies and the Earl of Fife’s family was dispossed of them. Sir James Abernethy left issue a Daughter Margaret married Sir Thomas Glen of Balmuto and left a Daughter who married James Boswell of Boswell lands – and with her got the lands of Balmuto in the shire of Fife and quartered the arms of Abernethie with there own. Boswell of Blackadder carries the arms of Abernethie – with there own – but should have quartered there arms  - with the Glens of Balmuto then the Abernethies.

Sir William Abernethie descended from Sir William Abernethie of Abarbrothwick Brother to Orme. Left issue a son William who recved a grant of lands of Rothiemay from King David the II he commanded a party in the second division against Edward King of England in the Battle of Hallidonhill in July One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Three (1333) he left issue two sons William and Lawrence. (1388) Sir Lawrence Abernethie of Hawthorndeen as the head of a party conquered Lord Douglas five times in one day yeat before sun set was taking prisoner and sent to Stirling Castle.

Sir William the Eldest son succeeded his father and left issue a son William and two daughters Mary and Helen. Mary married Sir William Douglas of Strarbrock had issue a son William. Sir Lawrence Abernethie of Hawthorndeen gave to Helen Abernethie his niece a charter of the lands of Hawthorndeen and other estates.

(1388) And in One Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Eight Helen Abernethie of Hawthorndeen granted by a chart to Sir William Douglas of Strabrock her nephew and charter is confirmed by a charter of King Robert the II in the seventeenth year of his reign after the above grants of Hawthorndeen to Douglas of Strabrock these lands remained with that name and family for more than two hundred years  (1598) and in the year One Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Eight – were purched by Sir Robert Drumond second son of Sir Robert Drumond of Lacknock and father to the Poet and historian William Drummond of Hawthorndeen.

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