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The Geneaologie of the Family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie, Part I

The Geneaologie of the Family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie is a text written in the mid-19th Century by Alexander Hastie of Edinburgh. It chronicles my family’s history from 1061 through to 1843. Hastie’s original was copied out by Willie Paterson in December 1905. In April 1927, my great-grandfather, James Abernethy, transcribed Paterson’s copy into a black notebook that today, some eighty-seven years later, I am transcribing for the sake of posterity.

The book is composed of some forty pages and begins with a long and it must be said, rather sycophantic, dedication from Hastie to his patron David Abernethy. I have split up the book into separate blogs for ease of transcription. Note that the nature of a transcribed test is that it will inherently differ from the original. Either Willie Paterson or my great-grandfather apparently added marginal notes to their own copies that I have included here by putting them in bracketed italics. Additionally, Hastie’s spelling and use of grammar was inconsistent, and I have tried to clarify it where necessary.

We begin in 1061.

The master of Saltoun, who has just come of age, is the heir to a title which in order of precedence, ranks second among the Scottish baronies.

It is thus considerably senior to the Barony of Lovat. This is a curious circumstance, seeing that Lord Saltoun is a Fraser, and that Lord Lovat is the chief of the Fraser clan. The explanation is that the Barony of Saltoun was originally held by the Abernethys, from whom it passed to the Frasers with an heiress
 - Cutting taken from a newspaper at the coming of age of the master of Saltoun.

of the
Family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie
in the Shire of Fife
and Corskie.
In the Shire of Banff
Hawthornden- and Glencross

From 1061- till 1843
a period of 782 years

By Alexander Hastie, Edinburgh

From the family of Lord Abernethie of Abernethie in the shire of Fife- did the Abernethies of Saltoun fetch there origine – Sir William Abernethy there ancestor obtained the Lands of Rothiemay- from King David the Second for his Services to the Crown- and who Descended Lawrence was created Lord by James II they were Early ranked among the peers of Scotland and in that quality flourished in that line one thousand six hundred and sixty nine- that Alexander Salton then dieing without issue the honours devolved to his nephew Sir Alexander Frazer of Philorth by Margaret Abernethie sister to Lord Salton.

From Alexander second son of William Abernethie------ (these markings apparently mean that the original writing was lost) Saltoun desended the family of Achnacloch. From William third son of William Abernethie Lord ------- Desended the family of Corskie- and the family of -------

The Lordship of Abernethie was forfited in1320 – by King Robert Bruce – after being in the family for 259 years.

Lord Hugh de Abernethie was the Elventh Baron of Abernethie and the title became extinct in the year one thousand three hundred and twenty and after a period of one hundred and thirty five years was restored (a 2nd creation) in the name and family of Sir Lawrence Abernethie of Rothiemay by King James the Second in the year 1455 and went out of the family by Alexander Abernethie (the title going to his sister’s son Sir Alexander of Fraser now Lord Saltoun) of Saltoun he was the last Lord Baron of the Family of Abernethie in the reign of Charles the Second – there have been twenty one Barons in the family and at the presant time there is thirty two generations of the family of Abernethie.

Sir, I present this the Historical and Genealogical account of your Family as a lasting memorial to you and your family hoping that you will hand it down to the latest postaerity – and by so doeing will show to the Rising generations that you- and your family spring from the first rute of the most Hounerable and noble family of Abernethie of Abernethie in the Shire of Fife, Rothiemay, Saltoun, Auchnacloich, Corskie, Hawthorndeen – House of Muir – Glencross, Revensnook and Howgate.

Your most obt Servant

Alexander Hastie


David Abernethie Esqr.
of Glen Boge Cottage

Malcomus III Dei Greatia
Rex. Scotorum. 1061.

(1061) The origin of the ancent and noble family of Abernethie was Davidem Dardier who came from Normandy and settled in Scotland in the reing of Malcolm the third and in the year one thousand and sixty one was created Baron of Abernethie in the parish of Fife in parliament Convenid at Farfor and also receved the lands of Abernethie in the said shire of Fife for his services to the crown and according to the custom of the time took the surname of Abernethie from the Lands.

(1087) David Baron of Abernethie left a son Alexander who married Helen third Daughter of Walter first Lord High Steward of Scotland by a Daughter of Alan Lord of Britanny who left issue (1186) Larentaus whos son Laurentaus married and left issue a son Regineldus whoes son Hugonum was father to Orme and William who flurished in the Reign of King William the Lion who obtened from the said King the abesca of aberothick paying yearly twenty pounds Scots.

Orme left issue a son Hugonum his heir who recved from King Alexander the II the Lands of Duplopyn to be holding of him and his heirs in free forestry by a charter dated the fifteenth of May one thousand two hundred and twenty two (1222), the eight year of his Reign. He also obtened a charter from Alexander the III of the Lands of Laniary and a penshon of fifty pounds Scots yearly for life and got a confirmation of the lands of Halkston and Lileston and in these gifts Lord Cummings as witnesses. He left issue Laurentus Robertus Jacobi and Margory, married Sir Hugmon de Douglas.

(1259) Contract of Marriage between Sir Hughmon de Douglas and Margory Daughter of Hughmon Lord de Abernethie, the date of this Indenter is on Palm Sunday one thousand two hundred and fifty nine – in the Reign of Alexander III in the castle of Edinburgh.
William Lord Douglas doth contract his son Hugh Douglas to Margory daughter of Hugh Lord de Abernethie, that the marriage shall be perpated be for ascenson day.
The conditions of Lord Hugh de Abernethie part is that he shall give with his Daughter Margory Abernethie to Sir Hugh Douglas twenty plugh geate of Land in the parish of Glencross.
The conditions of Lord Douglas’ part that he shall give his son Sir Hugh Douglas and Margory his wife twenty plugh geat of land in the fue of Douglas and that after the marriage is solmniged the said Sir Hugh Douglas of Douglasdale shall hapen to die or if he shall thrugh sum devilish of wicked disposition abstain from copulation with his wife, yet she shall Brook and Ingoy these Lands altho the said Lord William Douglas her Father in Law be alive, and if the said Margory shall out live the said Lord William Douglas altho her Husband Sir Hugh Douglas die before him his father, yeat she shill have the third part of his lands in Douglasdale.
Provision in case of Devorcement. Consummating the marriage in case of Devorcement viz. that if the Said Sir Hugh Douglas after his father’s Death leving him Lord and heir and have an hair by any other wife, the Said Margory shall posses these lands not with standing all the days of the said Sir Hugh Douglas life and that if the Lord Abernethie or his councel shall desire any other security reasonable by a Charter or handwriting that they shall cause to make the Conveyance as they think good and set his seal to it.
            William Lord of Douglas
Alexander Earl of Buchan
Sir Ragnald de Cummin
John of Dundee Moor

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